Friday 1 August 2014

German inside trading: July 2014

Inside trading, Germany, July, 2014

High time to go over the German management and their boards to look at the self confidence level! The list below contains what was bought and sold during July 2014:

MTU Aero Engines - bought shares
Nordexsold shares, analysis of Nordex.
Zooplus AG - bought shares

Münchener Rückversicherung - bought shares, analysis of MüRe 2014.
BASF - bought shares, analysis of BASF 2014.
Bertrandt - sold shares
SAF Holland - sold shares
Braas Monier - bought shares
Usu Software - sold shares
Constantin Medien - bought shares
Bilfinger - bought shares, analysis of Bilfinger.
Eyemaxx - sold shares
Allgeier - bought shares
Paion AG - bought and sold shares

KUKA - sold shares, analysis of KUKA.
Jenoptik - bought shares
DF Deutsche Forfait - bought and sold shares
PVA TePla - bought shares
M.A.X. Automation AG - bought shares.
MS Industrie AG - bought and sold shares
RIB Software - sold shares
S&T - sold shares
aap Implantate - sold shares
Schweizer Electronics - sold shares
Paragon - bought shares
Deutsche Steinzeug - bought shares
Progress-Werk Oberkirch - bought shares Alno - bought shares

Conclusion: The management of MüRe is still buying like crazy and Braas Monier was also expanding their quantity of owned shares. Paion had high activity in both sale and buy direction. Fairly high activity with selling of RIB and aap Implantate. Deutsche Steinzeug also had above average quantity of buy positions from their management.


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