Monday 4 August 2014

Vacation finished in August 2014

Berlin, Schloßstr., Steglitz, home sweet home

I just got home from the vacation in my summer house and after unpacking, cooking and eating it was time to write a short article. The vacation was by no means extreme and still I found it to be expensive before I sat down and looked over all the bills... so the question is how much should a vacation cost for a family or in this case for two people for three weeks?

How we did it was that we went home to Sweden for three weeks by car and took the ferry from Sassnitz to Trelleborg and we came back the same way in the end.

The ferry cost 155 €.
The petrol to the car including little day trips (~2600 km) cost 183 €.
Parking fees 24 € (expensive to visit Göteborg for a day!)
Food from supermarket 387 €
Books 64 €
Restaurants 170 €
House renovation 115 €

The total cost in cents became 1095.73 € for two people for three weeks. The normal costs for three weeks for the two of us would have been around 300 € so we overspent during the vacation with 800 € for the three weeks. As I sad I thought the vacation had been expensive but looking back at this it was not so bad even though it means one lost block of investment for me.

It was also interesting to see how easily buying things for the summer house runs away in costs especially since 115 € is 12.5% of what I pay for the house during a year (electricity, garbage, water etc.) now that we will cut down the huge trees there I guess we will be forced to bring in more money so I will have to even it out then.

The day before leaving I realised that I had asked the guy to cut down one of the trees that we use to hang the washing line on and that afterwards we will hardly have any trees to make a washing line between. I remembered that a neighbour arrived with a new aluminium rotary washing line a couple of days before so I went and asked what had happened to the old one? Happily it had not been thrown out so I got it for free and will enjoy using it the next time I return to my summer house.

How much extra money are you spending when you go on vacation?

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