Sunday 19 October 2014

Change of plans

An old coffee ad to enhance the coffee consumption

As the picture so nicely puts it. Sleeping is overrated. I always find it horrible when I sit down and calculate how much of my life that I am just sleeping away. Sure, some people live a more exciting life when they sleep than reality so no wonder they want to sleep 10 to 12 hours per day but for a person like me that never remember any dreams those five to six and half hours are just a drag.

I know that my body needs it... at least as things are today but to find a more efficient solution would be a great invention that I would fully support.

Anyway, what are then those change of plans... well, it simply boils down to this. I have decided that I need to put not only the kicked out companies on a list but all of them. I will still keep the documents separated as I have them now and I will just add one more list that is not called kicked out but it will be the one file to serve them all, one file to rule them all and one file to well... take a look at every now and then. It will then also become easier to see if a company will get interesting again and I can look at that list and be less dependent on people informing me and giving me a heads up when a company starts to turn interesting.

So... I will go for coffee and I will start working this one big list. As always I have no clue how long it will take and once it start to reach some kind of size I might even start to open it up by posting a link to it in the middle of the work. We shall see how I will do it.

The changes was not to stop blogging or to stop writing about my buys and (I cannot write sales there because I never seem to do that) whatever instead it had to do with an improvement so that I can a little bit easier see what the companies are doing that I have previously analysed.

I hope that all of you have not made an reckless sales and instead did the contrarian thing and have been buying more company parts during the last couple of weeks!

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