Thursday 2 October 2014

Summary of September 2014

Summary, stocks, development, September, 2014

As you may have noticed my investment speed has slightly taken off. In the beginning of 2014 I was too early to say something about troubles being over with my own company because directly then things went bad again. I then decided that I would not say anything until I really started to see some improvements and today I am prepared to say this a little bit more loud.

I am out of the tunnel.

What I take with me from this entire multiple tunnel experience are that I managed to bring down my consumption to an even lower level than what it previously was at and even after improved company situation and back to normal salary I have managed to remain with the extremely low consumption.

What is good news for my company is that the final quarter is starting and many companies seem to have discovered that there is some budget left. A few of them seem to find their way to me at least in terms of interest notifications. We shall see how much sales it will actually lead to in the end but I keep my fingers crossed!

Down to business! Today I will even give a bonus graph!

For the previous report summary of August 2014 please click on this link.

Invested, value, September, 2014

There were some major changes from the last report. I bought more of Commerzbank, I started new investments in Fugro, Tessenderlo as well as in Eniro (my fantasy October investment). In total the invested value increased with 4,171 € and the total investment is now 46,247 € according to the pie chart above.

Current, Value, stocks, portfolio, September, 2014

There were not really any big changes in the companies that I already owned. What was down have remained down and some of the companies have made some small advances but nothing worth mentioning. The current portfolio has today a value of 43,085 € which means that I am still -6.8% in comparison to my invested value.

Me vs DAX, who beats who?

DAX has lately been doing very poorly and dropped once this time down to 9382 which means a decrease of -0.9% from last month. Since my portfolio increased with 0.9% this month goes to me!

...and finally we come to the bonus graph!

Total, portfolio, development

I just wanted to post also this graph which shows that due to my consistent investment approach even though the total portfolio is negative the size of it keeps growing month after month.

What I want to say is that what you do not have in brains (picking good stocks) you can maybe sometimes make up for in consistency by buying stocks each month as I am doing at the moment.

Today many of my companies are still not doing well but when they do then the graph above will not only grow via my consistent saving and investing but also due to me owning shares in successful companies with yearly increases in company values.

For the full portfolio report please go to the Stock Portfolio page and if you have suggestions for stocks that I should analyse then please go to the Analysis Requests page.

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