Tuesday 20 January 2015

School starts today

Lund University, Sweden

Today at 10h00 my economy lectures will start and I guess I must be online then to see what is going on. I still do not know how large the impact will be time wise for me but I will still try to keep up some kind of publications on the blog... the last time I reported concerning this matter you can read here in back to the school bench again.

At the very minimum I will publish the stocks I buy (& sell which I still have not done yet) and the monthly summary. Everything else will be based on available time.

I was chocked to discover how much the University study books costs! One book that they wanted me to buy costed around 220 €! Crazy! I looked around a little and managed to find some older versions and additionally they were used books so I got away with paying 82 € for all the four books that I needed. Lucky me!

I really find it an outrage that the professors arrive with a lecture plan using books that costs so much money. Back in the days 220 € was the equivalent of one months rent for my little 26 m2 apartment that I lived in and to my knowledge the students in Sweden have around 850 € per month to life on today (around 250€ is given and 600 € as a student loan). To then pay 400-500 € for some silly books is simply not ok.

Either way I hope that I will be able to use my classical approach of attending all lectures and making good lecture notes. I always bought the books but I never opened then when it came to study for the exams. I always read my notes a couple of times and that was enough to pass the exams with a minimum amount of effort and time consumed. Sure on also did not get the top grades but that has never been a target for me. To learn was always my interest and to learn by heart only to pass an excellent exam I could not care less about.

In Germany pupils usually get a school tüte. This school paper bag is made into a cone and contains all the material that the pupil needs for school plus a lot of sweets as motivation for the child. I guess no one will give me a tüte... :(

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