Monday 5 January 2015

Stocks of Interest: January 2015

January, 2015, Stocks of Interest

The new year has started and some new investments need to be made from the December salary. I have currently three half filled positions which are Talanx, Tessenderlo and the Russian ETF. I was hoping to have filled my Tessenderlo ownership last month but I ended up buying into Russia instead which turned out to be too early as always with me.

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List, Stocks of Interest, January, 2015
Snapshot of Stocks of Interest list.

There are still ten companies in the green region and those are: Fugro, Agrana, Agroton, Aksa, Neste Oil, Volkswagen, Casino, Morrisons, Hannover, Rückversich and Picanol Group. What we can see in the list is that Agroton has dropped in price lately but that is the only larger change. In the list I am interested in Agrana, Casino and maybe also Morrisons. So many companies to own and so little money... Oh, and Accell is allowed to stay on the list for now. I also need to ask myself if I should add all the green companies from the complete list. I selectively removed all the Russian companies as an example that I start to feel that that is not correct.

DAX, January, 2015, snapshot
Snapshot of All the companies on DAX list.

It is disturbing to see the level that Volkswagen is already up at. For a day or two in November it was down at around 145 €. Back then I picked up BASF and that I will never regret but it is a pity that I could not pick up Volkswagen also. What is interesting right now in my opinion is Adidas that have dropped down a lot during the autumn since the World Cup disappointment, their market share in Russia as well as the massive drop in the golf segment sales which is a small market but with very high margins so the groups total earnings get smacked down.

January, 2015, own companies

As mentioned above I now have several positions that should be filled and on top of that also BP starts to be interesting to increase in. It will be very difficult to decide this month where to place my money since I have the three open ones and at the same time there are possibilities due to Russia and the drop in oil prices that one maybe should not pass on. If one considers the oil price to remain low for a longer time then one should also start to consider pure polymer companies (meaning not BASF) due to their potential decreased raw material costs.

From the Stocks of Interest page you will have direct access to the live update of the list from Google drive and if you go to the Stock Portfolio page you find the direct access to the live update of my current holdings and their share prices compared to my future expectations.

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