Saturday 3 January 2015

Summary of December 2014

Summary, December, 2014

The holidays have been extremely relaxing for me this year since I stayed in Berlin with my girlfriend. I also decreased the amount of publications on the blog and went down to almost one every two days instead of one new publication each day. I managed to read some books but still less then what I would have liked to do. As a preparation for my studies this spring I have started to read a corporate finance book. I hate books that are so heavy that if one reads it in bed and falls asleep it really hurts when the book hits the nose.

For the previous report please click on summary of November 2014.

December, 2014, invested value

I made two investments during December and those were a Russian ETF and then I decided to become owner of Talanx also (please see analysis of Talanx 2014). The invested value in my stock portfolio has now reached 52,456 €.

Current value, December, 2014, stock portfolio

December started off very well but turned bad in the end which means that even though I pushed in around 2k fresh € I still only end up with a current stock portfolio value of 48, 902 € and I am currently down by -3,554 €.

DAX, Me, stock portfolio, development, December, 2014

DAX went back a little during December and went down to 9765 points which is -1.9 % in comparison to November. My portfolio went down by -2.4% during the same period so DAX took the month.

Conclusion: Due to that I have managed to kick up the monthly investments I have almost kept the value of the current stock portfolio flat. By the look of things I hope to be able to keep these double investments running for another two months.

For the full portfolio report please go to the Stock Portfolio page and if you have suggestions for stocks that I should analyse then please go to the Analysis Requests page.

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