Monday 16 February 2015

Extra stock bought February 2015: Talanx

Talanx, a German insurance company

As I mentioned when I made the first investment in Talanx (please see Stock bought December 2014: Talanx) I wanted to have yet another piggy bank. I do not expect them to increase their dividends this year (1.2 € per share) but I simply hope that they will keep it as it is and that will make me happy enough.

I bought an additional 40 shares at a price of 1097 € including the fees which means that I paid 27.43 € per share (which is over 2 € more than the last time!). In total I am now the happy owner of 80 shares and my investment including fees is up at 2109 € which gives me an average price of 26.26 € per share.

To find out more about Talanx then please click on analysis of Talanx 2014 and to take a look at my current Stock Portfolio then please click on that link. The portfolio will however not be fully updated until the end of the month.

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