Tuesday 3 February 2015

Summary of January 2015

Summary, January, 2015

My economy studies are now running at full speed which takes up, less time than what is should but still more then what I had hoped that it would do. That I received the books almost two weeks after the courses started also made be slightly behind. I have now almost caught up so that is good news and after the next very important tasks, deadline on the 7th of February, then it will become even more relaxed again.

I find it highly interesting to study once again but with economy I have very mixed emotions. Sometimes I have the feeling that they are making mathematical formulas for the purpose of trying to look like a scientific field and on top of that they mix in philosophy as an attempt to give even more weight to it... Still... learning it should hopefully not hurt me in the long run.

For the previous report please see Summary of December 2014.

January, 2015, invested value,

I made one bigger investment during January and that was that I stepped into Adidas (see analysis of Adidas 2014). The invested value of my stock portfolio is now up at 54,434 €.

January, 2015, current value

The month and the start of the year has been excellent for my stock portfolio that is now up at 53,971 € however I am still minus 462 € in comparison to what I have invested.

January, 2015, Me vs DAX

One small step in history but a giant leap for one month! Dax made during January 2015 the biggest jump up since I started to follow it more carefully! Up by almost 11% in one month! Insane! In points DAX is now at 10,828. My own stock portfolio, even though it did very well and gained 5.9% I still had no chance against DAX!

Conclusion: In value my stock portfolio made a large jump up due to a 2k investment plus a 3k increase in share price for my companies. When DAX makes such a jump during one month I really wonder what will happen during the next 11 months. This increase was more then the historical yearly increase of DAX and that baffles me. QE from ECB has not even started and still it went this insane!

For the full portfolio report please go to the Stock Portfolio page and if you have suggestions for stocks that I should analyse then please go to the Analysis Requests page.

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