Wednesday 4 March 2015

Stocks of Interest: March 2015

Stocks of Interest, February, 2015, contrarian

Last month I did manage to fill up my positions in Talanx as well as Tessenderlo so the only still "open" positions are the Russian ETF and of course Eniro but they will get no more money until I see a wind of change.

I had no issues averaging up in Talanx and Tessenderlo which opens up more companies that I should average up in such as for instance Enel and Intel, both of which had small initial investments, but I feel no stress in doing so and in the end... investing is a marathon and not a sprint.

For the previous report please see Stocks of Interest: February 2015.

List, Stocks of interest, March, 2015

A couple of companies were kicked out and those were my very own DBAG (Deutsche Beteiligungs AG), Kardex and Industrivärden. This does not mean that I consider them anywhere to be close to fully valued in only means that I would not push any fresh money into them any longer.
Since I allowed the Russian companies in on the list we now have: Balaton, Pharmstandard, Gazprom, TransContainer, Sollers, Splendid Medien, Tag Immobilien, Novatek, Agroton and Fugro on the top ten list.
Unfortunately I have still not managed to go over and analyse all the companies...and on the list above: Norma, Qualcomm, Elringklinger, Shell and Total need to be freshly analysed.

DAX, March, 2015, full list

Now all the companies on DAX are in the yellow region so even Volkswagen have pushed up to new high levels which is also correct since it was insane cheap in comparison to their earnings and in it is still not expensive to be honest. I will still try to follow the strategy of when a DAX company make a silly drop then I will always try to step in and buy shares.

My companies, March, 2015

A lot (=three) of the companies are looking expensive right now and the biggest change is BP that jumped up to crazy high levels due to reported low earnings for 2014. This is however a bump in the road and not a reason to sell. It is also interesting to see how quickly BASF came up to a fair share price level. Either way... the interesting investments on the list right now would be to increase in Enel, Intel and/or ETF Russia.

From the Stocks of Interest page you will have direct access to the live update of the list from Google drive and if you go to the Stock Portfolio page you find the direct access to the live update of my current holdings and their share prices compared to my future expectations.

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