Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Summary of February 2015

Summary, February, 2015

I am tired at the moment and it comes from me having lost my habit of studying. I simply do not perform as well as I did in the past and the memory I had of how easy it was to study is disappearing. It is not due to difficult material it is simply due to that I have lost my study routine and I have too many other things in life that takes and must be given time. I will not be chocked if I fail the examination in two respectively three weeks from now.

In the company I also have much to do at the moment. Preparation of patents, articles, presentations, products, reports, applying for more governmental funding... all of it is currently a fog and for the first time ever I was forced to sit down and write a to-do list for the next couple of months so that I hopefully will not fail one of the deadlines.

To be able to start the company I once upon a time borrowed money from my kind brother. Now during February it hit me that it is unacceptable that I am building up a stock portfolio when he could be doing that for the very same money. Even worse is that he is an active investor so he would not waste it on useless consumption. I have therefore added to my target for 2015 to pay off that loan this year and I will make sure that my brother gets a nice Christmas bonus. I will still try my very best to keep up with the current monthly investment strategy (~2,000 € / month) but in the end of 2015 I may be forced to push it down to be able to make the repayment to my brother. If he reads this then I am sorry that I have not been quicker in paying you back.

In the end of March I am off to India again for probably the last time. I will this time travel around a little so that I get out of Delhi and get to see the country side in India. I am very much looking forward to this even though the schedule will be very tight and exhausting.

For the previous report please click on Summary of January 2015.

Invested Value, February, 2015

I ended up filling two of my "open" positions. I therefore bought more shares in Talanx (see analysis of Talanx 2014) as well as in Tessenderlo (see analysis of Tessenderlo). I am very happy that I managed to increase in both these companies and since I did both of them have also kept increasing in share price value. The total invested value is now up at: 56,589 €.

Current value, Stock Portfolio, February, 2015

February was another good month for me and my stock portfolio is now up at a value of: 59,688 € and this means that I have an unrealised profit of 3,099 € if we split that up on my three years of investing then the result is pretty meagre as can also be seen below.

DAX, Me, versus, February, 2015

The DAX bull keep running wild and increased with 5.3% to 11,405 points. This month goes to me since my stock portfolio increased with 6.3%. However the dividend season is starting which means nothing for the DAX index but for my shares it means that I will drop down in value as much as is being paid out. It still feels good to once again, after 24 months, being above the water surface.

Conclusion: Due to the increased share prices value as well as my around 2k € saving the overall growth of my stock portfolio was 11%. It felt good to beat DAX but even better to be on the bright side again. I assume and hope that all of you have done even better than me during this insane start of 2015. QE will now start and I fear that the bull race will go on for some time. I am glad not to stand on the sideline since I doubt this run will stop anytime before QE stops and that will not be before autumn 2016.

For the full portfolio report please go to the Stock Portfolio page and if you have suggestions for stocks that I should analyse then please go to the Analysis Requests page.


Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Yesterday my girlfriend showed me her investment result.
She is up by 22% since last summer.

She follows the very easy principle of monthly investments in ETF and when there is a larger market dip (~ -20%) then she pushes in more money.

I am so glad that I have advised her to use this easy approach that is and will work out very well in the future for her.

It might not be as funny as owning companies directly but she very clearly does not have the same passion for investment as me and she and every one else not having this passion should therefore take the relaxed and guaranteed successful road of buying ETFs.

Anonymous said...

Great for you (and your girlfriend)! So you been lagging behind for awhile - who doesn´t sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks H!

Yes, i have been and I still am lagging behind DAX.

Looking at other bloggers they seem to perform much better than me and I guess my comfort is that I am performing like the average hedgefund, not account for fees so it could be worse.

- Fredrik von Oberhausen