Sunday 5 July 2015

Stock bought July 2015: MüRe

MüRe, a German re-insurance company

When I started to build my investment portfolio back in spring 2012 then MüRe was the very first stock that I bought. The share price was pushed down heavily due to the accident in Fukushima and it caused an extremely bad year for MüRe. Back then I got the shares for the bargain price of around 109 € and in the beginning of this year the share price was up a bit above 200 €.

Since then the CEO have talked down the share price and the managers have been buying like crazy so who am I not to join in on that?

I therefore bought an additional seven shares for the price of 160.94 €. I now hold 25 shares in total in MüRe and including fees I have invested 3108 € which gives me a price per share of 124.32 €.

I have now owned MüRe for 40 months that value will keep growing.

To find out more about MüRe then please click on analysis of MüRe 2015.

If you want to see my current Stock Portfolio then click on the link but the portfolio will not be fully updated until the end of the month. 

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