Wednesday 1 July 2015

German inside trading: June 2015

Germany, insider trading, June, 2015

June arrived and passed and with it there were also registered insider trades occurring. The activity on the stock market has been up and down and all over the place. The zero interest rate + Greece seems to make it difficult for the market to place a correct value on a company. The question is if the managers in the company are better able to do this?

For the previous report please click on German inside trading: May 2015.

The dealing were:

PNE Wind - bought shares, analysis of PNE Wind 2014.
Adva - bought and sold shares.
Highlight Communications - bought shares
SKW - bought shares
Elmos - sold shares
Borussia Dortmund - bought shares
SAP AG - bought and sold shares, analysis of SAP 2015.
Deutsche Telekom - bought and sold shares, analysis of Deutsche Telekom 2015.
Wirecard bought shares
Fraport AG - bought shares, analysis of Fraport.
Syzygy - sold shares
BayWa - bought shares
VTG - bought shares
H&R AG - bought shares
Braas Moniersold shares
BASF - bought shares, analysis of BASF 2015.
United Internet - sold shares
Capital Stage AG - bought shares
Hawesko - bought shares
Epigenomics - bought shares
Linde AG - bought shares, analysis of Linde 2015.
MyHammer - bought shares
Morphosys AG sold shares
Infineon - bought shares, analysis of Infineon 2015.
Fair Value REIT - bought shares
LPKF Laser & Electr. sold shares
CPI Property Group - bought and sold shares
United Labelsbought shares
SLM Solutions - bought and sold shares
MTU Aero Enginesbought shares
Xing - sold shares
Eyemaxx - sold shares
CashCloudsold shares
Allgeier - bought shares
Adesso sold shares
Fielmann- bought shares, analysis of Fielmann.
Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE - bought shares
PVA TePlabought shares
Grammer - bought shares, analysis of Grammer.
Schaltbau Holding - bought shares
TAG Immobilien - bought shares, analysis of TAG Immobilien.
Symrise AG bought shares
Tom Tailor - bought shares
Tomorrow Focussold shares
J.F. Behrens - bought and sold shares
Catalis - sold shares 
CENIT  sold shares 
Init innovation in traffic systems - sold shares
Powerland - bought shares
Alnosold shares
Accentro Real Estate - bought shares
Porsche Holding - bought shares
König & Bauer - bought shares
MLP - bought shares
WCM Beteiligungs bought shares

Conclusion: Very high activity with MüRe (mainly buying), Deutsche Euroshop (mainly buying), Morphosys, Deutsche Wohnen (both buy and sell), Capital Stage, CPI (mainly selling), XING, Gerry Weber and with Deutsche Annington.

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