Tuesday 30 June 2015

Dividend from Enel: June 2015

Enel, an Italian electricity company

The flow of dividends will from now on significantly decrease. My two US companies (Intel & IBM) and my UK one (BP) will keep paying each quarter but those massive once a year payment I only have one left after this one from Enel. I must say that I am pretty content with the overall dividend increase that I have received this year.

Enel increased their dividend slightly and I therefore received 63 € for my 450 shares. There were some taxes taken in the size of 23.02 € (I notice that Italy have increased their taxes from 20 to 26%) which gives me 39.98 € as cash on my account. With Enel I now have a YoC of 5.8% after almost two years of holding which I find to be great.

To find out more about Enel please click on analysis of Enel 2015.

To check out my current dividend payment history then please visit the Stock Dividends page which has now been updated.

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