Wednesday 3 June 2015

Stocks of Interest: June 2015

June, 2015, stocks, interest

In the end, last month, I took the decision and stepped in even heavier in the Austrian ETF which means that I now, due to poor performance of some companies, no more open positions. This means that either I need to step into a new company or I will increase an old holding. Future will tell!

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Stocks of Interest, June, 2015

No changes to the list and the top ten are still: Balaton, Pharmstandard, TransContainer, Sollers, Tag Immobilien, Novatek, Gilead Sciences, Splendid Medien, Agrana, Kamaz. I have become a bit more scared concerning Gilead Sciences. There seem to be heavy opposition here in Europe against their blockbuster medication that is currently selling so well.

DAX, June, 2015, companies

The car producers VW, BMW, Daimler are still looking cheap. BMW have recently made a 10% drop. Lufthansa as well as MüRe have both made major drops and are interesting due to that reason.

June, 2015, stock portfolio

Both banks are still cheap. Major problems in DB where not only the shareholders but also the employees wants to kick out the CEO. I hope it will succeed. MüRe is cheap and RWE is cheap but RWE looks better than what it actually is. Eniro is a no go.

Conclusion: I am tempted to either increase in MüRe (insiders increased after talking down the price), buy Lufthansa or go for a third unknown company. I have to admit that I am a bit annoyed that I, by the look of it, will not be able to keep up the 2k monthly investment for the rest of this year but for as long as I can I will do it!

From the Stocks of Interest page you will have direct access to the live update of the list from Google drive and if you go to the Stock Portfolio page you find the direct access to the live update of my current holdings and their share prices compared to my future expectations.

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