Sunday 14 June 2015

PIF C: June 2015

PIF C, DAX, versus, June, 2015

This is indeed good news! PIF C were flat with DAX which means that accounting for dividends then PIF C beat DAX during year 2. In the first year PIF C was a bit lower and accounting for dividends it was even flat versus DAX.

To see the previous summary then please visit PIF C: January 2015 and to find out more about PIF C then please click on PIF C: July 2014.

The rebalancing was made according to the top ten DAX companies based on P/E, P/B, dividend and ROE. So here I do not only look at the cheapest companies but I also mix in how well they are able to work with the equity.

The companies removed were:

The added companies were:

The full list of companies included in PIF C are: ALLIANZ, BASF SE, BMW, DAIMLER, DT. POST, K+S, MÜNCH. RÜCK, RWE, SIEMENS and VOLKSWAGEN.  

Conclusion: This year the composition of PIF B and PIF C became extremely close to each other. Only one company differs so the chance is high that either both of them will perform poorly or both of them will beat DAX during year 3!

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