Monday 1 June 2015

German inside trading: May 2015

Inside trading, Germany, May, 2015

The fear regarding Greece have once again been hammering on the door with plenty of coverage in media and the question is how did the managers respond to this? My guess would be little but we shall see!

For the previous summary please click on German inside trading: April 2015.

Oh, no... the activity was extremely high... grrrrr...and the dealings were:

iTN Nanovation AG - bought shares
Zalando - bought shares
H&R AG - bought shares
WCM Beteiligungs bought shares

Hesse Newman - bought shares
PNE Wind - bought shares, analysis of PNE Wind 2014.
Atoss - sold shares
Petrotecsold shares
Manz - sold shares
MTU Aero Engines - bought shares

InnoTec - bought shares

Lufthansa - bought shares, analysis of Lufthansa 2015.
RIB Software sold shares

PSI Ag - bought shares
Capital Stage AG - bought shares
German Brokers -  sold shares
BASF - bought shares, analysis of BASF 2015.
Gerry Weber - bought and sold shares, analysis of Gerry Weber.
Wirecard - bought shares
Sixt Leasing - bought and sold shares

Axel Springer - bought shares, analysis of Axel Springer.

Borussia Dortmund bought shares
Symrise AG bought shares
Fielmann- bought shares, analysis of Fielmann.
Viscom sold shares
Einhell - bought shares
Fair Value REIT - bought shares
SAP AG - sold shares, analysis of SAP 2015.
Leoni AG - bought shares, analysis of Leoni.
K+S - bought shares, analysis of K+S 2015.
QSC - bought shares
Bilfinger - bought shares, analysis of Bilfinger.
Morphosys AG - bought shares
Hypoport AG - bought and sold shares
WashTec - bought shares
Linde AG - bought shares, analysis of Linde 2015.
Ludwig Beck am Rathauseck - bought shares

RWE - bought shares, analysis of RWE 2015.
Dialog Semiconductor - sold shares
Syzygy - sold shares

Merck - bought shares, analysis of Merck 2015.
Grenkeleasing AG - bought shares
SAF Hollandbought shares
DO Deutsche Office - bought shares

GEA Group - bought shares, analysed analysis of GEA Group.
KUKAbought shares, analysis of KUKA.
Value Management & Research AG - sold shares

Hella sold shares
Biotest - bought shares
Renksold shares
Curasanbought shares
Elmos - sold shares
Berentzen - bought shares
SKW - bought shares
Biofrontera - bought shares
Wirecard bought shares

Conclusion: It always warms my heart when insiders are buying in the companies I already own such as BASF in this case. Ehhh... now I am pissed off! The CEO of MüRe Mr. Bomhard talked down the share price by -15% so that he obviously could buy shares for himself cheap. This is unacceptable! If the situation would have been different I would have liked him buying but he honestly talked down the share price on the shareholders meeting in April (article in German concerning it) and three weeks later he tanks stocks! What a crook! Unbelievable! There was also some buying in K+S and this is good! There was plenty of shopping with Leoni! Gerry Weber is also very intensive at the moment. Oh, also in RWE they bought some shares. I seem to have hit the jackpot of owning companies where the managers decided to step in heavier. Very high activity with Merck and PNE Wind! The sales activity with Hella was also extreme. 

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