Friday 12 June 2015

PIF B: June 2015

PIF B, DAX, year 2, versus

The first year DAX beat PIF B with 5% (minus dividends) and this year with 2% (minus dividends) which means that they were pretty even during year two! I hope that year three will be the real winner because if not then I start to be more and more concerned regarding the general strategy of buying cheap companies and that is not something that I want to have growing in my mind.

For the previous report please visit PIF B: January 2015 and to find out more regarding PIF B then please go to PIF B: July 2014.

It was once again time to rebalance PIF B that is composed of the ten companies on DAX with the combined lowest P/E, P/B and pay the highest dividend.

The companies kicked out were:

E.On (analysis of E.On 2015)
FMC (analysis of FMC 2015)
Heidelberg Cement (analysis of Heidelberg Cement 2015)

The added companies were:

K+S (analysis of K+S 2015)
RWE (analysis of RWE 2015)
Siemens (analysis of Siemens 2015)

The full list of companies are now: ALLIANZ, BASF SE, BMW, DAIMLER, DT. BANK, K+S, MÜNCH. RÜCK, RWE, SIEMENS and VOLKSWAGEN.

Conclusion: PIF B has caught up and now I hope that 2015 will become the year that the cheap companies will start to beat the expensive ones.

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