Monday 24 August 2015

Aquamarine Capital: Guy Spier Q2 2015

Aquamarine Capital run by Guy Spier

Aquamarine Capital is Swiss based investment partnership that is run by the South African born Guy Spier (this link goes to Wikipedia). One of Guy Spiers'  buddies are Mohnish Pabrai and both of them are famous for paying a large amount of money for having a dinner with Warren Buffett.

Mr. Spier is a copycat investor and I see directly that he is looking at / communicating a lot with Mohnish Pabrai as well as having a big eye on Berkshire Hathaway. What I find interesting is that Guy seem to remain in investments that Mohnish has already left.

This quarter was the second quarter in history that Aquamarine Capital was forced to file a SEC report due to them having a sufficient large amount of capital invested in the US. This means that which ever companies he owns outside of the US I can not see or follow. 

On his homepage which can be found on the link above there is an explanation for the investment rules for joining the partnership if you look under the "about us" page. It sounds fair enough to me.

There were no new additions made during Q2 according to SEC.

Aquamarine Capital, Q2, 2015, holdings

Conclusion: It is interesting to see that Guy has kicked out DirecTV even though Buffett still keeps it and the same goes for Goldman Sachs. He also kept Citigroup, Berkshire and Bank of America all of which Pabrai have gotten rid of already.

I took a look at Horsehead. I really wonder what they see that I completely miss when I looked at that company... to me that dagger is still falling.

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Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Right now I am furious that I do not have big chunk of cash to buy stocks for!

Contrarian days are here again!