Sunday 18 October 2015

DBAG report Q3 2015

DBAG, Q3, 2015, report, front page

This is one of those classic ball droppers. Once again there has been a problem with the news feed from the company to me which means that I read and write a summary of the reports far later than what I would have wished for. The share price have slowly but surely decreased since the excitement of their extra dividend was announced and paid out. I guess the investors jumping in then have started to realise that maybe that high dividend will not be paid out this year and for this reason they are then leaving the boat.

As always please make sure that you are viable to read the report that can be found in full here. To read the previous summary please go to DBAG report Q2 2015 or why not visit the analysis of DBAG 2015.

As can be seen below the development for DBAG has not been as it were last year. The biggest reason for this was that they last year sold a company and made some big dough when doing so. This year there has been no such big sales but the companies are however generating slightly more earnings so things are still looking ok but also not more than that. They have continued to push in some money into new and old investments but much less so this quarter compared to the previous two.

DBAG, Q3, 2015, key figures

Conclusion: Things are looking ok for DBAG. It will most likely become a year of many new investments which means that it will take time before money start coming back to them again. The normal dividend will for sure remain at 0.4 € but the special dividend that was paid out last year in the size of 1.6 € will most likely be smaller. I will remain as a shareholder.

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