Saturday 10 October 2015

Extra stock bought October 2015: E.On

E.On, the largest German energy provider

Just like I reported for RWE earlier this week the share price of E.On has also dropped like a stone. They also recently went out with an ad hoc saying that nuclear power plants would no longer be regarded as an asset and that they would therefore take an impairment cost. By the look of it this cost will be around 5 to 9 billion €.
It has also been decided that the nuclear energy will remain within E.On which is very much against the entire concept of splitting the company into a "clean" part and a "dirty" part.  Despite of all the troubles with E.On and RWE I am obviously so stupid that I consider that the world will only need more and more electricity and at some point in time these guys must start to make money again. When you might ask? I have no clue but until then I will wait, buy more when large drops happen and hopefully collect some dividends to keep up the spirit.

To increase my holding I bought 154 shares at a total cost of 1,136.72 € including fees which means 7.38 € per share. This now gives me a total of 400 shares and the investment is up at 4,933 € or 12.33 € per share including fees.

To find out more regarding E.On please click on analysis of E.On 2015.

If you want to see my current Stock Portfolio then click on the link but the portfolio will not be fully updated until the end of the month.


Anonymous said...

Today i took a look at two of my Lynch investments namely TJX and Primark. Both stores were completely packed. I decided not even to enter into Primark because there were so many customers. Nice that HM see them as a threat and I wonder what their response will be.

Our visit to TJX or TK Maxx that the chain is called in Germany once again led to my wife buying something. it is funny how difficult it is to enter there and not walk out with something.

Gerry Weber I did not walk past this time but I will check them again soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh... I should probably add something here regarding Gerry Weber.

Two weeks ago I went shopping with my mother to see what she liked. I of course directed here also to Gerry Weber. She entered... Looked around a little and stated... These clothes are for old people! So.... My mother is around 70 and if she says something is for old people then I really wonder... Or better put, that means the cloths from Gerry Weber as they are being designed today they do not interest a single soul.

Fire the entire design team and bring in new people!

-Fredrik von Oberhausen