Friday 29 December 2017

Stock bought December 2017: ETF Portugal

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Here in the end of the year I have made some larger investments to, in a way, compensate for my inactivity during the year. At this stage, 5 years of investing, it was decided very early that if i did not perform well against index then I should move more and more towards index investing. If I remember correctly I should be up at 50% of my portfolio in index funds. In my current company we have a pension scheme that I am involved in and I do not report and include that investment here in the blog as I have previously mentioned when I moved to the UK. With this investment that I made and including the pension scheme then I am now up at 30% of my stock portfolio in index funds. It is not yet the 50% that I would have liked to see but I am pushing plenty of money into the company pension scheme that it will get to 50% soon enough.

My confidence in Portugal and their recovery is still very high. I therefore bought even more parts and this time I bought 800 parts to a value of 4,938 € which includes 10 € in trading fee. I now hold 2,180 parts to a total, invested, value of 13,024 €.

I still have to make the trip to Portugal.

To find out more about ETF Portugal then please click here. 

Any changes will be brought into the stock portfolio upon the next update in the very end of the month.

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