Saturday 30 December 2017

Dividend summary 2017

Dividends during 2017

For the previous report please visit dividend summary 2015.

The first year (2012) of investment I received 461 € in dividends. The second year (2013) I received a total of 1,367 € however from this 653 € was due to selling share rights to Commerzbank, leaving 714 € in real dividends. The third year (2014) I received a total of 1,025 € in dividends of which 70 € were due to sale of rights leaving me with 955 € in real dividends. In the fourth year (2015) I received 75 € due to sale of rights for Eniro and additionally 1,852 € in dividends. In my fifth year of investing (2016) I received 400 € as special dividends which was E.On handing out Uniper to me and 2,071 € in normal dividends. 2017, the sixth year of investing, I received no special dividends and only 2,208 € in normal dividends.

Once again the normal yearly dividends increased but I am still disappointed with 2017 which I had fixed in my mind would become a very good year of dividends. Since I plan to live from that in the future it is a bit discouraging when it feels as if it is taking a step back as it felt like this ear.

The dividend that I am receiving based on my total stock portfolio was only 2 % which must improve during 2018. If I had not made the heavy investments in the end of the year then this value would have been slightly better. Still... I need to get it up to a bit over 3% to feel more safe in terms of snowball effect. When I now push in 12,000 per year in new stocks then that is more than 10% of my entire stock portfolio. This means that the impact is still very large and the larger the portfolio gets the less impact the savings will have but that will not happen until one is up around 300,000 in the total value of the stock portfolio.

As always lately... things must change and I must improve.

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