Saturday 3 April 2021

Dividends during March 2021: McDonalds, Intel, DBAG, IBM, BP, Nike and TJX


My very recent investment McDonalds kindly paid out some dividends for me in the size of 13.89 € for my 28 shares.

Intel paid out a sum of 38.78 € for the 135 shares that I currently hold and 5.82 € went to the tax office.

My German investment company, DBAG, made a smaller dividend payment that usual which is a little bit annoying since they have arrived with reverse warnings that their profit will be larger than expected for 2021 after they downgraded it when Covid-19 hit. Either way for my 155 shares I received 124 € in dividends of which 32.70 € went to taxes.

The company I still have faith in even though many others have left it IBM decided to pay out 34.13 € in dividends of which the taxman took 5.12 €

With the reduced payments from BP I received this time only 35.10 €.

From Nike I received a dividend in the tiny size of 9.33 € and 1.40 € went to taxes.

My bargain design outlet TJX paid me 13.77 € in dividends and from this 2.07 € was withheld for taxes.

To see my total dividend flow then please visit the Stock Dividends page that has now been updated. 

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