Saturday 29 May 2021

Dividends May 2021


Three companies were kind enough to pay out dividends to me during May which is always very appreciated.

E.On, one of my German energy providers, paid out 188 € from which the taxman took his part and I received 138.42 € as cash on my broker account.

Talanx, my German insurance company and majority shareholder in Hannover Re, decided to pay out 120 € of which I in the end received 88.35 € on my broker account.

BASF, the chemical company have had a very good 2020 and this will continue also in 2021 for sure, decided to pay out a very nice dividend of 462 € which is the same as last year and from this was taken 121.85 € in taxes and I received out 340.15 € in cash.

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