Thursday 21 November 2013

Contrarian stock bought November 2013: Kernel

Contrarian, Stock, November 2013

I have since a couple of months now been trying to buy Agroton via the direct trade that I use in my stock deposit for buying shares. Usually it is possible to buy all kind of stocks here since Germany is such a large country even American shares are being traded from a German person to the next instead of being forced to buy it from the American market and without being forced to pay extra fees due to that. Agroton is by the look of it too small or too uninteresting for it to be traded over direct trade. I therefore once again took a secondary option and next time I must seriously consider if it is not worth it to pay some extra fees to get that stock.

I therefore decided to expand my ownership in another Ukrainian company, namely Kernel, which I recently reported both a full year report from as well as gave a new contrarian analysis based on the information from the annual report which can be found here. Due to the broken year that they are using we have already received plenty of information concerning the harvest which was excellent in 2013 (which will be in their annual report 2014). Only problem is that it was excellent almost everywhere in the world so the prices are dropping on the world market. Hopefully Kernel can benefit with their silos and grain storage to buffer somewhat the direct drop in prices that happened but we shall see how it works out.

I bought 95 new fresh shares to the price of 10.66 € per share and that now gives me a total of 210 shares for 12.31 € per share (including the fees). The addition will be brought into the stock portfolio upon the next update in the very end of the month as always.

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