Wednesday 27 November 2013

Outcome German election 2013

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I made the title of this article a long time ago, actually directly after the election had finished, but due to the difficulty in creating the government it has taken a very long time of negotiation between all the parties. The starting point of this article was made the day before the election. To find out more about what is going on you can read this in German or this in English.

In the end it did become the "great coalition" which means that CDU joins with SPD. This then also leads to that they will definitely have complete power with almost 70% of the German votes.

For Germany this creates an excellent moment to push things through that will strengthen and improve the future for Germany but also for Europe.

I am listening to the web cast while writing this article so everything is very fresh and new. The SPD boss said that he had realised that CDU/CSU does not exist it is CDU and CSU and he was forced to negotiate with both which made it even more difficult. SPD have also managed to push through plenty of salary changes for especially people with low salaries and time based people.

They have made big agreements on no tax increases, significant increases in money to research as well as the infrastructure in Germany. Big improvements for the "small" people with social and salary improvements. Money for parents with little children will remain the same. In principle the German population received that they wanted and should be very happy today! I will celebrate with a nice German beer tonight because I do indeed believe that it will strengthen Germany even more and that it will be good for the future.


FilipeBS said...

Let's hope the SPD is not too much of a burden for the new government, and that the coalition is stable, pragmatic and realistic given the challenges and difficulties Europe is facing.
I also hope that the coalition with SPD does not imply too many unrealistic/crazy/socialistic policies in Germany.
In any case, good luck for Germany (and Europe) ;)
A Portuguese guy living in Italy.

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Hi FilipeBS,

apparently this is one of the reasons for why it takes so long time in Germany to form the government since everything must be negotiated and agreed upon before the formation of it. So once it is up and running it will work smoothly. There is however one bump in the road. All SPD party members will cast a vote to agree or not on this coalition. They are according to the press not so happy...

The good thing for EU is that the last government was divided when it came to EU and how to help out. FDP did not want to help EU and CDU was always forced to get votes from SPD to push things through. So with this coalition also that should be easier!

I am glad to see that not only I have moved around in EU! Will you stay in Italy, move somewhere else one day or back to Portugal?

FilipeBS said...

Dear Fredrik,
Indeed, at the EU level, that is really a positive aspect. Let's hope then that the coalition has the steady support of the majority of the SPD.
I have been living in the north of Italy for almost 4 years now (working at a EU body, actually). I plan to stay a bit longer in here. But I love travelling all over Europe. I have been in Germany a few times recently both for fun and work ;) and I love it ;)
BTW, really nice blog! I will continue to be an interested reader, as I have started investing in some German stocks.

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Good FilipeBS! We Europeans need to move around both for work and fun to see and get a feel for the different European cultures. Only through knowledge and understanding will the populations start thinking in terms of Europe and not about the individual countries. A long way to go though.
I am only currently going through the German stocks to try to build up the knowledge that I do not have, since I was not born in Germany, of what all of them are doing. After that I will move more towards the south so also companies in Portugal and Italy will be analysed!

FilipeBS said...

The Portuguese PSI20 is in bull mode as we speak.