Saturday 30 November 2013

German inside trading: November 2013

Which stocks did they buy? Which stocks did they sell?

The question as always is what have the management, the board and other key figures in the companies been up to during the last month? Plenty of people received stocks based on various bonus programs but those I do not bring up in the table below unless they directly sold them which will then be registered as a normal sale of shares.

I hope that you will find something of interest and if one of your companies were sold then start thinking about why that might be happening.

Inside trades November 2013:

R. Stahl - bought and sold shares
Deutsche Bank - sold shares, hmmm... they continue to sell. DB analysis here.
Syzygy - sold shares
Softship AG - bought and sold shares
Lufthansa - bought shares, analysed here.
Jetter AG - sold shares
DMG MORI SEIKI AG - sold shares, analysed here.
M.A.X. Automation AG - bought and sold shares.
Fuchs Petrolub SE - bought and sold shares
Bayer - sold shares, analysed here.
CEWE Stiftung - sold shares
Hypoport AG - sold shares
Symrise AG - sold shares
Beta System Software - bought shares
Hamburger Getreide-Lagerhaus - bought shares
Verbio AG - bought shares
PNE Wind - bought shares, the company was previously analysed here.
Commerzbank - bought shares, analysed here.
Fraport AG - sold shares
Albis leasing AG - bought and sold shares
Dürr - sold shares, analysed here.
Analytik Jena AG - sold shares
Klassik Radio AG - bought shares
Leoni AG - bought shares, analysed here.
Cybits Holding AG - bought shares
SAF Holland - sold shares
Siemens - sold shares, analysed here.
Henkel - bought and sold shares, the company was previously analysed here.
Phoenix Solar - sold shares
Surteco SE - bought shares
Allianz - sold shares, analysed here.
Init innovation in traffic systems - sold shares
H&R AG - bought shares
Bastei Lübbe - bought shares
STADA Arzneimittel AG - bought shares
Centrotec AG - sold shares
IFM Immobilien - bought shares
Qiagen - sold shares
Grenkeleasing AG - bought shares
Value Management & Research AG - sold shares
Infineon - bought and sold shares, analysed here.
Advanced Vision Technology - bought and sold shares
Kion Group - sold shares
MS Industrie AG - sold shares
United Internet - bought and sold shares
MBB Industries AG - sold shares
SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner - bought shares
BB Biotech - bought shares
Paion AG - sold shares

Conclusion: They kept selling Deutsche Bank which I do not like. Commerzbank they increased in which is good. Those were the only two of my companies that were influenced this time. I find it interesting that they were selling off in DMG Mori Seiki that I analysed not that long ago and considered by me to be overvalued. The same goes for Bayer and Siemens which I also considered to be overvalued. Dürr is strange because I consider that to be highly undervalued and I find it interesting that both Lufthansa and Leoni were bought both of them I considered to be highly undervalued.

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