Monday 13 April 2015

DB annual report 2014

DB, annual, report, 2014, front page

Also in this case I dropped the ball on what happened upon the release of the report but in general the share price of DB has been going up. The annual report from DB contained 610 pages. Is there a more efficient way then to hide the dirt in between the lines of a thick report? Anyway... What was then in it?

For the full report please click here and for further information then please click on the previous summary of DB report Q3 2014 or on the Deutsche Bank (DB) annual report 2013 or check out analysis of Deutsche Bank 2014.

Banks... well... there is simply no chance to trust them since they can too easily manipulate results. So... already on their front page I feel no confidence. That they later on spend interviews after interview with customers trying to explain how much they trust DB well... It just makes me nauseous.

Taking a look below we see that by the look of thinks DB have managed to stop their interest and similar income losses and it has now stabilised around 25 billion euro. Their costs are still simply too high to what they manage to bring in and therefore a silly low amount of 1.6 billion is left for the shareholders.

DB, annual, 2014, income statement

I had to bring in also this little table since it clearly shows the incompetence of DB when it comes to running a bank. The most important here is the Cost/Income ratio. Please never forget a successful bank have a ratio of around 50% DB is up at 87% which is just embarrassing. They they still keep their 98+k employees that only manage to bring in 250k euro per person is also embarrassing for a company pretending to be a global successful bank. A ROE of 2.7% is also another great achievement of Deutsche Bank. Well done guys! Keep up the good work!

Db, annual, 2014, key figures

Conclusion: Deutsche Bank is still not doing any good and their long term bet on fixed interest seems to take a long, long time until that will start to bring back any serious money for them. I would also then not be surprised if the other banks for simply hire the people from Deutsche Bank to start up their own units ones it do get profitable again... I will remain as a grumpy shareholder.

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