Monday 6 April 2015

Dividend from BP: March 2015

BP, a British oil and gas giant

Due to my travelling I missed this but now I start to be a little bit more updated again. BP and every other oil company are having a tough time at the moment but they still keep paying out dividends. Let us see how long they will manage to keep doing that with this low oil price level.

For my 354 shares in BP I received 23.61 GBP in total which got converted into 32.17 €. Today it is nice to receive dividends in currencies that have become stronger in comparison to the euro but on the other hand it is also a good moment to sell those companies so one needs to think about how to act. At the moment I prefer to collect the dividends.

To find out more about BP please click on analysis of BP 2015.

To see my total dividend flow then please visit the Stock Dividends page that has now been updated. 

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