Sunday 5 April 2015

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home, Berlin, Germany

Today I travel back to Berlin again! It will be great to come back home and to eat some food that my stomach will accept and to be able to drink water from the tap again. My overall experience in India this time was mixed. It is never fun to have problems with the stomach and it influence everything. Indians are as always as helpful, friendly and curious as they have been the last couple of times also.

Each time I visit I am amazed at how much of their lives are conducted over their mobile phone or maybe better put... I am amazed at how old I have become since I hardly use my mobile phone at all. I do not even have internet on it which I must admit raises some eyebrows also in Germany.

Mobile phone online shopping seems to be extremely big here which of course means that online shops needs highly specialised sites for the mobile users to profit the easiest as well as having the best possible visiting experience for them. It is a big market in India today, a big market in China today and it will be a large market in Africa. Why dig down tons of copper when you can put up some mobile stations here and there?

Even though the Metro has now been running in Delhi for several years and it is often very full the traffic on the streets are still very high. I would have thought that the more they have built out the Metro, which they seem to do each year, the less traffic one would see on the streets. Maybe the Tuktuk and the Riksha drivers have still not given up which leads to the same blockage of the roads as before.

Jaipur was an interesting experience but it was also the start of let us call it a bad wind! After this I got very furious and will remain as such until I step into the airplane heading for home.

To be away is nice but to be home is better! I look forward to a relaxing day at home today and tomorrow since it is a day off I will keep resting. Let us see if I manage to push out an article.

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