Tuesday 1 September 2015

German inside trading: August 2015

insider trading, Germany, August, 2015

The share prices of many companies have gone down significantly during the last weeks and therefore it is of course even more interesting to see which managers decided to pick up a larger holding in the company they run.

For the previous report please click on German inside trading: July 2015.

The dealings were:

SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner - bought shares
Vita34 - bought and sold shares
MS Industrie AGbought and sold shares
Symrise AG bought shares
KAP Beteiligung - sold shares
SAP AG - bought and sold shares, analysis of SAP 2015.
Vossloh - bought shares
Merck - bought shares, analysis of Merck 2015.
Tomorrow Focus - bought shares
Metro - bought shares,  analysis of Metro.
Grenkeleasing AG - bought shares
Evonik - bought shares, analysis of Evonik.
Deutz - bought shares
Albis leasing AG sold shares
PVA TePlabought shares
Porsche Holding - bought shares
Grammer - bought shares, analysis of Grammer.
Biotest - bought shares
Atoss sold shares
Elmos - sold shares
Deutsche Cannabis - bought shares
Nucletron Electronic - bought shares
PNE Wind bought and sold shares, analysis of PNE Wind 2014.
7C Solarparken - bought shares
Capital Stage AG - bought shares
mybet Holding SE - bought shares
Stabilus - bought shares
Linde AG - bought shares, analysis of Linde 2015.
Ad Pepper - bought shares
Bastei Lübbe - bought shares
CropEnergies - bought shares
Surteco SE - bought shares
Phoenix Solar - sold shares
LPKF Laser & Electr. - bought shares
MTU Aero Enginesbought shares
Fraport AG - bought shares, analysis of Fraport.
BASF - bought shares, analysis of BASF 2015.
Indus Holding - bought shares

BayWa - bought shares
Accentro Real Estate - bought shares.
KUKAbought shares, analysis of KUKA.
Zooplus AGbought shares

Hella - bought shares
Fielmann- bought shares, analysis of Fielmann.
Kronesbought shares, analysis of Krones.

Conclusion: Symrise, Merck, PVA, 7C Solarpark and Fielmann all had some activity, I do not like that stocks were sold in MüRe but the good news for me was that managers bought shares in BASF. As a general comment it was much more buying than selling and companies with the highest activity there it was in every case a matter of buying shares. From what I read in the news Fielmann had done very well and had managed to stand up against the online sales.

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