Tuesday 29 September 2015

Stock sold September 2015: MüRe

MüRe, a reinsurance company

I am very unhappy about what I did this evening but my rule was that when Berkshire Hathaway leaves MüRe then I should also leave. Today I received an ad hoc notification that Berkshire are decreasing their quantity of shares. Part of the reason that I decide to leave is because they are sitting on 10% of the shares and heaven knows how many Warren Buffett followers additionally meaning that I have no clue how far the share price might drop. With my small volume... 25 shares... I have the advantage to be able to act quickly so I did. I will directly also state that if the share price drops down to 130 € and below then I will buy back MüRe because I still like it as a piggy-bank with its high dividend payments.

I like MüRe a lot and I have been very happy with this investment. It was even my very first investment back in March 2012 so the holding time is up at 42 months which is too short for my taste but I hope that I will improve on that aspect in the future.

My 25 shares were sold for 164.24 € per share which gave me a total of 4,106 €. On this I was forced to pay 10.27 € in fees and I ended up with 4,095.73 € as cash on my account since I have realised losses that I can counter the profits against so no taxes were removed. Since I invested (including the fees) 3,119 € in MüRe I ended up with a profit of 987 € or 31.66%. If we account for the dividends that I have collected then my profit has been 1,467 € or 47.07% which is more than acceptable for me for the time period of 42 months.

The free cash will be set to work more or less directly.

To take a look at my current Stock Portfolio then please click on that link. The portfolio will however not be fully updated until the end of the month.

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