Wednesday 9 December 2015

Extra stock bought December 2015: Coba

Commerzbank, a German bank

Based on what I wrote yesterday regarding European banks this investment decision should not be a big surprise to any of you because also Commerzbank is traded at a P/B of 0.44 at this very moment. That is, frankly put, silly. It has taken a long time and obviously it will take even longer but I have no fear to be heavy into the German banks. The only thing is... missed opportunities that one have while waiting for the turn-arounds to turn around. Can one calculate that? Should one calculate that?

This then also finishes the investment round for the year 2015 since now we must wait for the final salary of the year from which we will then by stocks in January 2016. During the year around 22k € was pushed into stocks which is 10k more than my running plan but I guess I will speak more of that in another article now in the end of the year.

An additional 100 shares were bought at a total cost of 1,035 € including fees. This then gives me a total of 522 shares at a total cost of 6,362 € including fees or 12.19 € per share.

To find out more regarding Coba please visit analysis of Coba 2015.

With the next update of the monthly report the new change will be brought in to the Stock Portfolio.


Anonymous said...

HI, whats your opinion on Aareal Bank ?

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

If you check the labels then I did an analysis back in 2013 I thik... maybe it is time to take another look at it however... they have been selling things this year and have realised some "hidden" values but that will not show up in my analysis since I only look at last years annual report.