Wednesday 2 December 2015

Summary of November 2015

Advent, Calendar, 2015

The picture above is the greeting that I had from my wonderful wife this morning when getting out of bed. It is a German advents calendar and for each day until Christmas there is a little bag with some added content. It is a very nice concept that you can personalize as much or little as you want based on what you put inside the bags. I like the concept!

Since I am 1. Less organized and 2. Swedish. I had of course nothing even remotely similar to this for my wife but at least I got her a calendar of sort so that saved me.

The studies are extremely annoying. We are supposed to learn as well as write an essay and due to that I found that they had too many course literature demands I bought nothing in pure protest. The teachers have however as a very strict demand that everything is an automatic failure unless one refers to the so carefully selected literature by the teacher. This literature is usually from buddies so that they can make a couple of bucks... I did not realise this was the case and for this reason I wrote two auto-failed assignments before I realised the problem... now I have been forced to correct that by finding quotes from the study books in online available texts and simply use and refer back to those quotes. It made it a little time consuming to dig that all out but is a will there is a way AND what I am doing is not plagiarism since I use the same quotes but add my own interpretations and comments to that... anyway... it was still annoying to go back and correct those assignments and to write the new ones that have also arrived.

The group I am in we are having a problem to write the scientific problem for our essay. We write a very nice suggestion and send that to our teacher and each time we get back... "No, that is not good. No, I do not see how that would work out." For crying out loud give us some feedback that we can work with! Today the teacher explained to us in the seminar that the most time consuming problem is to write the scientific problem and once that has been correctly done then the rest will be very quickly done.

I asked them... why do they not do like in natural science where the teacher, who knows (or should know) the scientific problems that exist, ask the question and make sure that the students answer it. In this way the science can move forward a bit faster because then the students do not have to sit and guess what could be a scientific problem of interest to the world. The answer I got back was that they did not do it like that.

Fascinating! The research and development in Business Administration is to a large extent being conducted by the idiot students (like me) and our "skill" in finding unsolved questions that the teacher A. Understands and B. Considers to be unknown. Woooow! 

In the essay that we have to write we should also use peer-to-peer reviewed articles. Well, honey, I would love to BUT I FIND NOTHING! The only thing I find is essay after essay after essay published by stupid students like me trying to "invent" a problem that we think there is no information already published about. This is NOT how you perform and brings science forward.

Anyway... I had to get that out of the system. For my company things are so, so. In the end of the year there are always more orders and there was no difference this year so I have been pretty busy dealing with those things also. I hope it will relax a little now.

Due to the studies and due to overload at work I have not had the time to apply for any new jobs but I must do that before the Christmas vacation starts.

The snow tires are now also on the car and I tested to put on the snow-chains, that I also bought second hand for 5 € (had never been used), because I have never used such things before. It turned out to be extremely easy to put them on. I both hope and fear to be forced to use them because the more snow the more fun skiing but driving will however be a pain.

For the previous summary please visit Summary of October 2015 and here you can see my stock portfolio as it is.

Invested, Current, November, 2015

Some more dough was pushed into the stock broker account and was put into use which means that the total invested portfolio is now up at: 72,925 € including the realised loss of -3,757 €. I ended up making only one investment and that was RWE it dipped down too deep. I had an order placed for another company but apparently I placed that too far away for any fish to get hooked. 

Current, Investments, November, 2015

The value of the stock portfolio is now up at 73,579 € and I have around 3k in cash to do something interesting with in the near future. Happily the portfolio is now back to being a unrealised profit of 654 € which is good on one hand but bad based on the amount of years I have been building this portfolio.

Me, DAX, November, 2015

DAX is now up at 11,264 points which means it had a 2.9% increase and I once again got smacked in the face since my portfolio only increased by 2.5% during the month.

Conclusion: Times are good for many of the companies on DAX but apparently not for the companies that I am heavily invested in. I keep waiting for that rocket take off and I still do not see it happening in the next two years since I am so heavy into banks and utilities. Oh, well, I still got time to spare.


Onevikinggirl said...

Being Swedish is sometimes an excuse I use too!

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Hahaha, yeah, living abroad it is easy to pull the stupid-foreigner-card when needed. I do pull it very rarely though and I even think that the people in the Finanzamt are pretty annoyed with how well I know my rights when it comes to the tax declaration... I think I am more informed than the average German tax payer.