Wednesday 30 March 2016

New job -> new life -> new country?

a reflection regarding the future

I have since July last year been looking for a new job. The reasons are many and I find it better not to list them all but let us just leave it at that every now and then we need change in our lives and I have lived and worked in Berlin now for ten years. It is enough. I have seen a lot and I have learnt a lot but it is time to move on.

From my 50+ applications that I have sent out I have ended up going further in five cases. Two of them were stopped by them and one were stopped by me. Today I have one open (I have insanely enough had five Skype interviews with the company and yet are only half way!) and I have received a job in another company. It is a great job. The job description was two pages long and contained 21, and I am not kidding here, 21 key competences. Four of them were apparently important enough to make a competency interview with me which I apparently passed.

It does however mean that I will need to relocate to the UK with my wife. What do I do with my stocks? What do I do with my blog?

My thoughts right now are that I will simply leave things as they are. I will leave my stock account as it is in Germany and save my final salaries to make sure that we get a good start in the UK. I will then start up a broker account in the UK and start to analyse and buy stocks there when things have settled down. This means that I will take my blog with me. The focus will change from Germany to the UK. Because I keep my German stocks I will still continue to look at the companies and I will still look at companies on DAX because Germany is too big to ignore. Today I only own two companies in the UK and I look forward to owning many more.

International moving is a painful experience. I have moved internationally several times but only on three occasions did I move everything I owned to the new country. Twice I had to finance the relocation myself and to do it below 2,000 € was financially challenging. Additional complication with the UK is that one will even need to buy a new car which adds to the complications and costs.

So there will be no more buying of stocks in my German broker account and I will prepare for a smooth relocation to the UK and the more cash at hand the smoother it will go.

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