Wednesday 2 March 2016

Summary of February 2016

Summary, February, 2016

The share prices have started to climb up again which sadly means that we have to pay more to get what we want. There is always something cheap around. These days the mining industry is hammered, the banks in Europe are in many cases being traded far worse than back in the very low of the financial crisis oh, and we should not forget the oil industry and every company having some kind of connection to that industry. The big question marks are how long will they continue to have problems and will they need additional capital to survive?

If I would have known the answer to that question then I would have bought the companies the day before the share price would increase again but since I do not know I just have to keep buying when I find the price to be as acceptable as it is now.

I had a bit of a break-through with the studies. I managed to hand in the changed essays with all the asked for corrections and especially with all the formality errors corrected which should mean that the teacher can at least give it a grade which she could not do before. I do not expect any high grades from this because I just want it done. So there is still a tiny, tiny chance that I can get the diploma in BA during this spring. 
To make sure that I did not fail to apply for new courses next autumn I added it into my calendar and now is apparently the time to start looking at what one can study for the autumn semester in Sweden.

Back in the days I studied 30 credits of computer science and java-programming. I liked that a lot and my thought is that maybe I should do some more programming studies during this coming autumn. I will have to take a look around at what they offer for online studies. Never stop learning!

The job situation is like the stock market (up and down). During March I have two interviews coming up regarding very different jobs. A fast growing small company versus a governmental institute. Both will pay badly but they will definitely be new challenges for me and I seriously need that so salary I consider to be pretty unimportant even though I these days must be able to support my wife also until she finds something of interest. Happily she is almost as frugal as I am so it is not very hard to support her. Oh, and in the end anything more than 1k € per month pushed into investments is a bit exaggerated but will of course also make the snowball roll faster.

For the previous summary please visit Summary of January 2016 and here you can see my stock portfolio as it is.

invested, Current, February, 2016

The total invested value is now up at: 79,921 € including the realised losses of -3,757 €. Due to the big dip last month I pushed in also my broker account buffer and therefore pushed in around 3k fresh € into old holdings. I increased my share in IBM, Intel and BASF. All three will serve me well for many years to come. The overall value of the portfolio increased compared to the previous month mainly due to the pushed in capital.

Holdings, February, 2016

Not really much to say. The movements became in the end pretty flat from January to February even though the overall portfolio value was a couple of step lower in mid February before increasing again.
The value of the stock portfolio is today: 68,496 € and I have around 2.2k cash on the broker account. Most likely I will invest all of it and not build up the broker account buffer since the share prices are still comparatively low. The combined unrealised and realised loss is now: -11,425 € (-14%) which is fairly annoying.

Me, DAX, February, 2016

DAX is still down in February and is now at 9,588 points which means that it decreased by an additional -1.8% during the month. My own portfolio performed slightly better and I was 0.1% positive for the period. This means that I did beat DAX during February!

Conclusion: The four previous months DAX has been giving me a hard time. I must say though that I care less and less about who beat who and are more concerned with the development of my individual holdings. Right now banks, mining, oil, utility and automotive companies are all pushed down. This includes service and supply companies besides for in the automotive business which is a bit strange. I am heavily invested in all of those sectors which then also very clearly means that my portfolio is heavily down. The big joke on me right now would be if retail (ABF, Adidas, Fast Retailing and TJX) would also crash because that would really make my day!

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