Tuesday 24 May 2016

Aquamarine Capital: Guy Spier Q1 2016

Aquamarine Capital, Guy Spier, logo

Guy seems to have put on the spending trousers and ran out buying everything he could find after the disaster with Horsehead. I hope that he has corrected his checklist so that these kind of things will not happen with the new investments.

New holdings were:

Enlink - An American natural gas company

Ferrari - An Italian origin car producer that were spun-off from Fiat Chrysler not that long ago.

Moodys - An American crook company that provides credit "ratings" based on the highest bidder/payer. They have still to be punished for their part in the last financial crisis.

Seritage - An American REIT.

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Aquamarine Capital, Guy Spier, holding, Q1, 2016

Conclusion: Extreme activity! Extreme! Four new investments and one kicked out which comes form that they went bust... but still. I cannot tell if this activity comes from a desperate attempt to cover the losses quickly or if it simply comes from that the share prices dropped down very nicely in February which every value investor could and should have profited from.

Source: SEC


Spartacus said...

Looks very much like Guy Spier often take the same stance as Mohnish Pabrai. Or vice versa. I assume they exchange investment ideas.

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Hi Spartacus!

I think that if I would have looked into everything that Pabrai is running which would then include Pabrai Funds and Dhandho Holdings besides from the Dalal Street that I report on then I think the overlap would be even more obvious between these two guys.

Mohnish calls himself a copycat so the question is what is then Guy?

It is interesting to see how much the known investors are interacting with each other and in many cases, when they are not totally wrong, this will very likely create a momentum movement of the share price which will cause others to jump on. An easy way to get the snowball running...