Saturday 21 May 2016

Greenlight Capital: David Einhorn Q1 2016

Greenlight Capital, David Einhorn

David seems to have relaxed a little again and he did not jump into as many companies as he did the quarter before. With his five new additions (which actually only means that he holds these companies over the quarter change and he might have traded and held many more companies during the course of the the quarter) he is back to his "normal".

For the previous report please visit Greenlight Capital: David Einhorn Q4 2015.

The new additions were:

Community Health Systems Inc - An American healthcare company that owns leases and operates hospitals.

Globalstar - An American company that are producing satellite phones and providing the satellite net to run it.

Hatteras Financial Corp - An American REIT.

Lamar Advertising - An American advertising company.

PVH Corp - An American apparel company. They own the brands Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, SPEEDO etc.

Greenlight Capital, David Einhorn, Q1, 2016

Conclusion: Plenty kicked out, plenty added, plenty new - just like David seems to like it! But one can only keep remind oneself that there is no chance to keep up with a guy like this. None what so ever!

Source: SEC


valuetradeblog said...

Hi Fredrik,

thanks for sharing. always interesting what other investors do.

kind regards,

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

You are welcome! At some point I was hoping to follow them in their investments but it is hard. Either they move too fast... for instance David Einhorn or only a few of their investments are the real jackpots (Berkshire Hathaway) and if you do not buy all of them then the chance that you will not buy the jackpot one is high.

Still one can find very good investments that most likely will perform better than index given time.