Saturday 14 May 2016

Dividend from Deere: May 2016

Deere, an American agricultural giant

I have three companies that are directed towards agriculture and Deere decided to pay out its first quarter dividends to us, the owners.

For my 30 shares I got 0.6 USD per share giving 15.64 € in total once converted to EUR. From this I had to pay 15% taxes which was 2.35 € and in the end I received 13.29 € as cash on my broker account. If this will continue then I am up at a YoC of 3.0% which is less than before which comes from that the EUR has strengthened against the USD.

To find out more about Deere then please visit analysis of Deere 2015 and the Stock Dividend page which will soon be updated if you want to follow my dividend progress.

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