Tuesday 12 May 2020

Dividends from January to April 2020

With this publication I am now finally on top of things again! All the dividends from the past has been sorted out (2018 and 2019) and now I have caught up with the dividends payments during 2020. I have also managed to make my simplistic analysis of all my current holdings and unfortunately all of them are not in the state that one would have liked to see. The three big ones there are my two German banks DB and Coba but also K+S has now joined the children choir of sorrow.

During these four months I have received:

Two dividend payments from Nike in total 17.63 €
Associated British Foods paid out 40.23 €
DBAG gave a nice payment of 232.50 €
Intel arrived with 39.88 €
TJX with measly 13.10 €
IBM with 35.48 €
and finally BP with 72.06 €

As tradition holds all dividends are re-invested with my monthly purchase.

This year will most likely not be very fruitful in terms of dividends due to two reasons:

1. Over 50% of my holdings are in non dividend paying ETFs
2. Many companies have decided to hold on to the cash from 2019.

I've also started to read other finance blogs and it is interesting to see how many of them have handed in the towel. I hope this is because they got tired of writing articles and that they privately are still enjoying the great fun of investing!

I hope all of you are busy reading up on companies and catching some good ones that are now more reasonably priced and you can be sure that I will, in the end of each month!

To see a bit more in details please visit my Stock Dividends page.

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