Wednesday 30 December 2020

Dividend summary 2020


For the previous report please visit dividend summary 2017. Unfortunately I neither produced one for 2018 nor for 2019 but now I am back on track for this again.

The first year (2012) of investment I received 461 € in dividends. The second year (2013) I received a total of 1,367 € however from this 653 € was due to selling share rights to Commerzbank, leaving 714 € in real dividends. The third year (2014) I received a total of 1,025 € in dividends of which 70 € were due to sale of rights leaving me with 955 € in real dividends. In the fourth year (2015) I received 75 € due to sale of rights for Eniro and additionally 1,852 € in dividends. In my fifth year of investing (2016) I received 400 € as special dividends which was E.On handing out Uniper to me and 2,071 € in normal dividends. 2017, the sixth year of investing, I received no special dividends and only 2,208 € in normal dividends. In 2018, seventh year of investing, which became my best year before I had to start selling off due to the divorce I ended up with 3,197 € in normal dividends. This reduction in my stock portfolio meant that in 2019, my eight year of investing, I received 2,906 € in normal dividends. In my ninth year of investing, 2020 I received a measly 2,200 € in normal dividends which was still impacted by the finalisation of my divorce but also due to Covid-19 hitting the world as hard as it did with reduced or left out dividend payments.

This of course leaves me disappointed in the dividend payment progress however due to the size of my company pension and them not reporting the re-investment of any dividend payments AND due to the size of my monthly investments at the moment (~5k€) then I cannot expect a much better figure either today nor that it will improve in the future.

When I look at the dividend payment compared to my stock portfolio then I am now down at 0.90% and it will not improve in the future based on the reality as I mentioned above. I do however expect the value of dividends paid out during 2021 to increase and bring me closer to the value received in 2018.

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