Tuesday 12 March 2013

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel, CDU, The boss of Germany

Lately I have found it highly entertaining to read journalists that are writing chocking stories concerning the politics in Germany when there is an election in the German states and the CDU/FDP coalition is loosing the power. Yes, it has definately an impact but much, much less then what the journalists try to push forward. In those stories the end is almost always that Angela Merkel will loose the election and with chaos in Germany the rest of Europe will fall. Horror, horror!

The journalists are either forgetting or ignoring two very important aspects:
  1. There is no one else in any other party that can take over after Merkel. The German population knows this they trust her and therefore also will elect her again to rule Germany in September.
  2. In terms of Europe Angela Merkel is already today getting things done usually not via a majority of her own party (CDU/FDP) but through the SPD.
In difference to for instance the US the German politicians are still voting according to what they consider to be a correct path for Germany as well as Europe and not according to some stupid political ideologies that are outdated and should be burried in the ground.

So for all you investors in the US. Don´t be scared concerning Germany. Angela Merkel will prevail and she will push Europe into hopefully a direction of less corruption, less debt and in the end more unity among the European countries.

As a foreigner I am unfortunately not allowed to vote in September but Angela Merkel would definately have received my vote.

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