Friday 1 March 2013

Monthly New Investment: Feb 2013

The salary for February finally arrived which means that a new stock can be bought. I do not have a huge salary due to that I protect the finances of my company and instead a live a pretty low cost life which makes it possible for me to save almost half of my income. At least that will be my monthly target with a total saving target of 15000 euro per year.

Yesterday I wrote about how pushed down Asian Bamboo became due to their concise report for full year 2012. I already before were minus on the stock and with this additional over -22% drop it ended up triggering my buy signal/rule. So even though I would have preferred to buy another stock I must stick to my rules and buy the cheapest stock available. I therefore increased with additionally 300 stocks in Asian Bamboo this morning and once the stock markets close this evening I will make the update in my stock portfolio.

Before I made this stock increase I took a closer look at the full year report 2009 because that in 2009 the stock was also valued around 5 euros. Since then Asian Bamboo has increased their acres of bamboo forest by 75% and gone from having over 20% immature bamboo acres to having fully matured forests and they have started up the fibre business (still not running as it should though). In my opinion I got very cheap stock in a good company with an exciting future ahead of them.

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