Saturday 14 September 2013

An apology to all smartphone/iPhone users

not a smartphone, not a iphone only mobile

I am very sorry for how bad the pages looked in the smartphones and the iPhones. I had not realised that the pages on the phones always started with my long annoying description of why I try build up a stock portfolio before the then new article appeared. So there was apparently always a lot of scrolling and time being wasted for no purpose. Sorry.

I have now made some changes which should significantly improve the reading experience. If any of you laptop, smartphone, iPhone, iPad or desktop readers are unhappy about some issue or any other aspects for that matter then please just let me know so that I can at least try to improve the situation for every one. In this case I happily stumbled upon the problem by accident.

And as a final remark I am not a professional blogger and therefore I do not know if I will find the solution to every problem but I will try my very best once I know what the issue is.

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