Tuesday 10 September 2013

Business trip: September 2013

A Danish wind power producer

A German wind power producer
A German wind plant producer

Today I went on a business trip to Jena. Since this is Germany sadly enough it is much cheaper for me to go alone in my car then to take the train.... Not to mention that it is much faster also and then I still economize by driving between 120-130 km/h.

Either way those trains that I do not use, even if I actually want to do that, are running on electricity and on my way down there I passed by a couple of solar cell plants and a crazy amount of wind power plants! I have never seen so many before and that includes the large ocean wind power park outside of Copenhagen.

I saw equipment from all the companies that I have analysed and it warmed my heart to see that Germany is definitely pushing the green alternative and even though they still have far to go they are definitely taking baby-steps towards their final target.

When it comes to the three companies... PNE Wind looks very good today but I wonder what will happen in the long term future. They will hardly get a the service contracts... they will not take care of parts maintenance and they will not produce the parts that must the exchanged. I wonder when that part will start to kick in for the companies. In 5 years, 10, 25?

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