Friday 13 September 2013

New stock bought: DBAG

A German investment company

After going through some investment companies in Germany as well as in Sweden I decided that it was a good moment to step into one of them. I therefore bought 50 Shares in Deutsche Beteiligungs AG to the price of 20.22 € per Share (including the fees).

With this buy I stepped into several mid-sized German companies that are the heart, soul and backbone of the German industry. These type of companies are also the reason for why Germany is famous world wide with their precise engineering and with their on-time delivery.

With the next month report I will update the Stock Portfolio list and especially the cash level which has now dropped down to zero. There might be a small chance that I will be able to push some money into the deposit next month due to two reasons:

1. I exchanged the coins that I had collected for many years and
2. I received around 220 € back from my health insurance since I did not visit the doctor during 2012.

I will let you know how it turns out.

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