Friday 27 September 2013

Transfer to stock deposit... September 2013

I just made a slightly crazy thing... and I am sure that I will regret it during the coming month (maybe already tomorrow morning!) but so be it... If I will be forced to live on stale bread and water in the end of the month then I might trim off some kg anyway so no one will lose.

Funeral stone with Fredrik von Oberhausen

As I mentioned in a previous article I have been forced to drop down to half salary and before this salary drop I managed to save 50% each month. So with the salary cut I was down to being able to save practically nothing. To read that older article please go here. Why the starvation?

Today or better put this evening I decided to transfer 1739 € to my stock deposit that was practically completely empty after last months investment in DBAG. I managed to transfer this money due to a couple of reasons:

1. The deposition of the coins. From that I got 580 €.
2. I was paid back 220 € from my health insurance due to no visits to doctors during the last year.
3. I have lived very, very low cost during last month. Previously I never looked at prices in the supermarket. Today I do that and I always buy the cheaper things and the good thing is that I have found less expensive products that I still find tastes fully acceptable. I use much less shampoo when I take a shower. I have stopped using shaving foam and deodorants. I use half the amount of coffee when I brew that. I buy the cheap tea brands because in the end I just want hot water with some flavour to it. I have simply lowered all the variable costs significantly.
4. Almost completely stopped the dating business not due to that I wanted to decrease costs but due to that the blog is currently my focus of interest.

Still... that cash transfer was far above my boarder especially since it is much more then what I am earning at the moment and even with the "bonus" 800 € I went far, far over the top especially since my fixed costs are around 1000 € per month.

The deed is however done and I will not turn back on this deal. I will go even more extreme in the coming month with trying to cut costs. I will clean out the freezer and clean out the shelves in the cupboard. I hope the funeral stone will remain unmarked! ;)

In the beginning of next week I will of course present the stock summary (probably once again I got busted by DAX but future will tell) and I will take a look at the inside trading that has happened because I find that an interesting subject to report about. I still need to work out how to do that reporting in the best way but all these things are work in progress as it should and must be.

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