Thursday 14 May 2015

Dividend from Adidas: May 2015

Adidas, a German sports brand company

This is my first dividend payment from Adidas the German shoe and sports goods producer that I bought now in January 2015 when their share price crashed. I have to admit that since I bought Adidas I keep looking at peoples shoes even more and I count for instance in U- and S-Bahn how many people wear Nike and how many wear Adidas / Reebok I also take notice if they are old or new.

Anyway... Adidas paid out 1.50 € per share which means that I received 52.50 € for my 35 shares. I was forced to pay taxes in the amount of 2.12 € and therefore 50.38 € were paid out as cash on my broker account to be used for new investments next month. For Adidas I have a YoC of 2.6% which is only so, so.

To find out more about Adidas please visit analysis of Adidas 2015.

To see my yearly dividend earnings then please visit the Stock Dividends page that has now been updated.

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