Sunday 24 May 2015

Pershing Square: William Ackman Q1 2015

Pershing Square, a hedge fund run by William Ackman

The final investor that I follow is William and here we will take a look at the changes he did. Little happened but still a bit of excitement.

For the previous report please visit Pershing Square: William Ackman Q4 2014.

The new investments were:

Actavis - a pharmaceutical company working with specialty products as well as generics. Actually Actavis bought Allergan that William had shares in so this is the reason for why he is now in here instead and Allergan is out.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals - Seems to be yet another mainly generics company.

Conclusion: The activity from William if one account for the take-over very low. Sold no companies or shares and only made a new investment in the form of Valeant Pharma which did not make me very excited.

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